Our Tortie Cats - Bella & Mia

Hi! We are Bella & Mia, the cutest tortie cats in the world, and this is our website! Have a look at our assorted pics and you'll see just how cute we are! We're tortie cats! Tortie cats are similar to Calico cats except we have NO white on our entire body! IWe're speckled with patches of black, brown, red, orange and cream (plus some little pink toes and patch of pink on Bella's cute little nose!). This mixture of colors gives us a "tortoise shell" sort of look, hence the name "tortie"! The genes that create the orange color found in tortie cats are also responsible for determining the sex of the cat. For this reason, tortie cats are almost always female. In fact, male tortie cats are the result of the genetic defect and are usually sterile! Our owner's name is Eric, and he loves us sooooo much. He has spoiled us rotten. But it's not really his fault. I mean, We're so darn cute that he can't help but be crazy about us!

Surprise Package!
Mac CatWaking Up!
Some of our favorite things to do:

- Chasing the rabbit hair mouse

- Sitting in the sun for hours, for that perfect tan!

- Taking a nap on Eric's desk while he works.

- Watching lizzards and birds from the window

- Playing in the kitchen sink

- Throwing unexpected things into the sink's disposal to give Eric is nice suprise! (example: bic lighter)

- Knocking something, anything, off a table or counter top. This gets Eric's attention and let's him know that we need to be loved on.

- Taking a mid-day nap with Eric. Eric loves this.

- Letting Eric scratch our little bellies.

- Going for a ride in the car with Eric

- Bathtime, at least 10 times a day.

- Chasing the feather on the stick

- Chasing that pesky dot!!!! (laster pointer). One day we will get that dot and show it who's boss!

- Climbing the Christmas tree!